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Selfies at 66 Perry Street

2 November 2015

The brownstone at 66 Perry Street has become one of the most visited film locations in New York. Made famous by HBO's television series "Sex and the City", and the follow up motion pictures of the same name, the townhouse has attracted a stream of fans of the show from around the world, all eager to take a selfie in front of Carrie Bradshaw's fictional home.

(Location: 66 Perry Street)

Set in the heart of Greenwich Village, the townhouse wasn't the original home for Carrie Bradshaw. In the initial episodes of the first season, Carrie's apartment was seen to be above a coffee shop somewhere near the vicinity of Madison Avenue.

(Lauren Salisbury)

(Lindsay Blake)


(Lucy Pearls)

The actual real residents of 66 Perry Street have in recent times erected a chain across the the lower part of the steps, with a sign warning visitors not to cross it, although this has not stopped the SATC's female fan-base standing outside to pose for pictures and in some cases stage romantic marriage proposals.

(Marriage Proposal)

(Cait Flanders)

(Dawn Spaulding)

(SATC Fans)

(Samantha Lie)

(Jenner Smith)

(Leah Myers)


(Jordi Houad)

(Gina and Irisa)


(Kristyn Nicole)

(Cecilia Rosell)


(SATC Fan)


(Jane Air)

(Elena Dorokhina)

(Angelica Giannini)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fans)

(Victoria Eales)

(Laetita Gonay)

(SATC Fans)

(SATC Fans)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fans)

(SATC Fans)

(Ally Moore)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fans)

(SATC Fans)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fans)

(Petra Vankatova)

(Marriage Proposal: Alex Forschner and Lindsay Fischer)

(Mel Bi)

(Chiara Puglia)

(Jana Perez)


(SATC Fan)

(Carly Maddox)

(Anna Koltovich)

(Ignatova Ira)

(Anna Chandler)

(Brooke Saward and friend)

(Eli Ortiz)


(Anita Lay)

(Sally and friend)


(Becki Nelson)

(Veronika Chrástková)

(Chelsea Cunningham)

(Felicia D)

(Ippolito Vayana)

(Talita Alencar)

(Enrica Pressanto)


(Jess Marrieee)

(Lilli Dee)

(Giulia Maricca)

(Kseniya Sychugova)

(Lauren Hernandez)

(SATC Fan)

(SATC Fans)

(SATC Fans)


(Mari Zaalishvili)

(Alyssa Cassata)

(Estilo Elo)

(Greta Guzzardella)

(Ivana Bogdanovic)


(Claire Hecek)

(Gabriella Scarmato and friend)

(Fernando Gallindo)

(Ashley Gerard)


(Jasna Vulin)


(Margaret Szukszta)

(Amanda Linnea)

(Kelsey Norris)

(Vanja and friend)

(Krygina Elena)

(Anna Simpson and friend)

(SATC Fans)

(Cathrine Heienberg)


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