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One Fine Day on Set with Michelle Pfeiffer

8 August 2012

OTSONY looks back to 1996, when screen legend Michelle Pfeiffer was in New York City filming the romantic comedy, One Fine Day.

In One Fine Day, a love story for the relationship – challenged, Michelle Pfeiffer plays Melanie Parker, an architect coping with the demands of single parenting in New York City. She thinks she has everything under control. And she does until single dad Jack Taylor played by George Clooney makes both his daughter and Melanie’s Son miss the boat for their elementary school field trip. With no one to look after the kids, Melanie’s Son miss the boat for their elementary school field trip. With no one to look after the kids, Melanie and Jack find themselves, against their wills, replying on each other to get through a series of crises that threatens to end their careers. It’s not love at first sight, but before long Pfeiffer’s sophisticated look gets under his skin.

In this scene, Michelle’s character Melanie Parker has just left the Serendipity 3 restaurant on East 60th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues and is in search of Jack Taylor’s daughter who, whilst in her supervision has wandered off into another shop without telling her. In a last desperate bid to find the young child, Melanie climbs on top of a yellow taxi cab and yells the child’s name at the top of her voice.

To add insult to injury, Michelle’s character has to stand on top of a taxi as fake rain pours down.

Michelle reapplies her lipstick between takes.

Michelle Pfeifer has shot several films in New York City including Frankie and Johnny, Married to the Mob, Wolf, Scarface and more recently in New Year’s Eve.


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