New York Film Locations


Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001)

Troy (Matthew McConaughey) is a physics professor approaching middle age decides to change his life with unexpected results. A rising young prosecuting attorney's plans are thrown into disarray as the result of a single careless act while distracted. A woman reluctantly faces her husband's infidelity. An envious insurance claims manager with family problems seeks revenge on a cheerful coworker, but has second thoughts. And an optimistic young cleaning woman awaits a miracle, only to have her faith shaken by a traumatic event. These ordinary people all find themselves asking the fundamental question philosophers have pondered throughout history: What is happiness, and how does one achieve it?

Dorney & Malone's Tavern, 5993 Broadway, Bronx.
  This bar has since closed down.  

Minetta Lane and Minetta Street, Manhattan.

Columbia University, Broadway and West 116th Street, Manhattan.

Minetta Street and Minetta Lane, Manhattan.


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