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In Bed with Madonna (1991)

This documentary chronicles Madonna's controversial 1990 "Blonde Ambition" international tour, kicking off in Japan during its rainy season, then traveling to North America with significant stops in Los Angeles, Detroit, Toronto, and New York. The film is a behind-the-scenes look at Madonna's relationships with her dancers and crew, her then-boyfriend Warren Beatty, and her family and friends, achieving an intimate glimpse into the boundary-pushing singer's drive and individuality.

otsoNY Comments: Aerial shots of New York City from the documentary.

otsoNY Comments: Due to Madonna's throat problems throughout the tour, she had to cancel some of her shows, and so the singer returned to her New York apartment, where her doctor instructed her not to talk in an attempt to rest her vocals. As a result she found herself isolated in her apartment with only her assistant, Melissa Crowe, as contact to the outside world.

otsoNY Comments: Madonna jogs through Central Park, followed by a host of photographers and fans.

otsoNY Comments: Three of the dancers featured in the film, Oliver Crumes Jr., Kevin Alexander Stea, and Gabriel Trupin, sued Madonna for invasion of privacy, fraud and deceit, and intentional misrepresentation.


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