New York Film Locations


P2 (2007)

Christmas Eve in New York, the workaholic executive Angela (Rachel Nichols) works until late night. When she is ready to drive to her family's Christmas party, her BMW does not start and she calls a cab. However, she is unable to leave the building, since all the exits are locked, and she returns to the garage, where she meets the night watch Thomas. The security guard tries to help her with a battery charger, but the car does not start. Angela asks him to open the gate; however, she is unexpectedly attacked by a psychopath, beginning her night of horror trapped in the building.

otsoNY Comments: The film was shot in two months at a real working Toronto parking garage. There were 14 white dresses. Each one was in various stages of dirtiness and decay, and three different dogs were used to portray the Rottweiler.

Bay Street and Temperance Street, Toronto, Canada.
  Like so many low budget films, the city of Toronto often doubles for New York City as a means to keeping down the film production costs.  


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