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Trees Lounge (1996)

Things aren't going so well for Tommy Basilio (Steve Buscemi). He lost his job because he "borrowed" money from the register, his girlfriend left him for his boss and is now pregnant, and he can't find work because of the incident. His life revolves around the Trees Lounge, a neighborhood bar over which he lives, full of the colorful eccentrics one finds in such places, like the estranged husband, or the old boozer drinking himself to death. He drunkenly wanders through his life, still in love with his ex, desperate for some sort of meaning beyond the bar, some sort of meaning to his life.

otsoNY Comments: Special thanks to Susan Breech for suggesting this film.

Assembly Bar, 73-02 Cooper Avenue and 73rd Street, Glendale, Queens.

Service Center, 340 N Central Avenue, Valley Stream, New York.

Tommy's Apartment, 73-02 Cooper Avenue and 73rd Street, Glendale, Queens.

Stobierski Lucas Gardenview, 161 Driggs Avenue and Humboldt Street, Brooklyn.


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