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18 May 2020

With New York City in lockdown due to Convid-19, and many people working from home and unable to travel to the Big Apple, otsoNY recommends the following 1980’s New York-based films to help pass the time.

This month sees the auction featuring Steve Rubell's personal collection of memorabilia from Studio 54, including hundreds of celebrity photographs featuring Cher, Sly Stallone, Andy Warhol, Elton John, Liza Minnelli, Michael Jackson and many more. Up first is “Crocodile Dundee” that sees a journalist who travels to Australia to interview a unique crocodile poacher. When he saves her from a crocodile, she invites him to New York. Despite their cultural differences, they fall in love. The film stars Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski and John Meillon.

Next is “Moonstruck” starring Cher as a widow, who wants to remarry and so decides to settle with a nice and secure man, but when later she meets his brother, who is passionate and moody, she finds herself in a dilemma. In “Working Girl”, a secretary's idea is stolen by her boss, who seizes an opportunity to steal it back by pretending she has her boss's job. It stars Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver. There are two great actors from the eighties Richard Pryor and John Candy, who have since passed away, and Hollywood is the lesser for it, but a return to 1985 offers you “Brewster's Millions”, a story about a minor league baseball player has to waste $30m in 30 days in order to inherit $300m; however he's not allowed to tell anyone about the $300m deal. The film also starred Lonette McKee.

In 1987, three bachelors Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson found themselves forced to take care of a baby left by one of the guys' girlfriends in “Three Men and a Baby”. And though New York City is currently off limits, it wasn’t always like that. In 1988, Eddie Murphy came to America as an African prince, and for a short time lived in Queens. He was New York to find a wife whom he could respect for her intelligence and will. “Coming to America” was directed by John Landis and also starred Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones. In “Weekend at Bernie's” a pair of losers tried to pretend that their murdered employer was really alive, but the murderer was out to finish him off. The film starred Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman and Catherine Mary Stewart.

And finally, “The Secret of my Success” saw a talented young man, who couldn’t get an executive position without rising through the ranks, so he came up with a shortcut, which also benefited his love life. The film starred Michael J. Fox, Helen Slater and Richard Jordan.


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