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20 December 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, otsoNY takes a look back at what was another great year for the New York film location website.

The year started with the main focus on increasing the film count, and yet did we know that two milestones (800 and 900 films) would be reached. But before any of that happened, a minor design change to the page layout was addressed and a new rotating ad banner replaced the Flash version, which allowed all Smart-Phones using Apple-based software the ability to see and click on the adverts. Movie Trailers such as Saving Face, The Wolf of Wall Street, Thanks for Sharing and That Awkward Moment were frequently posted in the News Section as were an array of stories focusing on forthcoming films and their filming locations. The 1970’s classic, The Hot Rock starring Robert Redford became the 800th film, whilst news broke that Woody Allen would return to New York for the film, Fading Gigolo. In April, otsoNY joined the Panoramio website to display an array of on-set photos and locations, and by mid-year there was already talk that 900 films could be achieved in 2013. During this time, otsoNY turned its focus on New York based Television Shows such as The Cosby Show, Friends, Fame, Taxi and more recently Heroes, Nikita, 24, Elementary, 666 Park Avenue, White Collar and posted a story revealing the disappointing news that the majority of these shows were in fact filmed in LA or Toronto.

Also this year, the question was asked - Which is the best King Kong film, and there was just enough time to revisit and increase film locations for Crocodile Dundee, The Prince of Tides and Sliver. In October, Now You See Me became the 900th film to be posted and in the same month, the announcement about the 4th season of the TV show, Nikita would in fact be the very last season.

Finally… special thanks to Christopher Moloney for helping with the hosting costs and to everyone who has supported otsoNY in 2013.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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