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2 June 2013

OtsoNY recently caught up with Brooke Saward from the popular travel website, "World of Wanderlust".

Since its inception in December 2012, the World of Wanderlust website has progressed and grown a wide readership. Brooke, who is from Tasmania in Australia explains, “I began the website out of pure practicality having travelled to 18 countries and I would often have family members and friends asking me for tips and advice for upcoming travels. Instead of continuing to write chapters of information in email format, I decided to create a 'blog' about my travels and direct friends & family there. I soon realised I created a monster as family and friends began directing their family and friends to the blog and readership were soon expecting new posts. Alas,”

Besides visits to Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City and Vietnam, Brooke has also visited New York City in the United States of America.

Asked what her favourite New York based TV shows are, Brooke replied, “I'm an huge fan of the TV series Gossip Girl and Sex and the City.”

From the moment Brooke stepped off the bus from Washington DC into the hustle and bustle of New York City, her main focus was to scout out some of her favourite TV show’s filming locations. “Gossip Girl might have ended but for the true fans, of which I myself would align, the obsession does not end with the final scene of the final episode."

(Brooke Saward and friends in Grand Central Terminal)

"With only a few days in the Big Apple, I decide to spend a day visiting some of the popular and iconic filming locations in Downtown Manhattan. First, I made my way to the original Gossip Girl scene where Serena is seen on the balcony of Grand Central Terminal. With my two friends in tow, we each took on a GG character with myself being Blaire, Laura as Serena, and Bree as a minion.”

(Brooke Saward in Central Park)

(Brooke Saward in Central Park)

After which, Brooke and her friends made their way to Central Park as a number of GG scenes were also filmed there. A few snaps later and their on our way to the MET Steps... Queen B’s territory. “We then proceeded to visit Serena’s original home at the New York Palace Hotel, yet as the hotel is under construction we were unable to add this location to our photo collection. Somewhat deflated, we decide to head to Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment at 66 Perry Street instead.”

(Brooke Saward at 66 Perry Street)

“With the important stuff out of the way we made time to take on the role of tourists and visit Times Square, Broadway and the Empire State Building. However the highlight of our trip was certainly our day scouting out film locations and allowed us to see much of New York City at the same time!”

(Brooke Saward in Times Square)

Asked what her favourite New York based films are, Brooke replied, “As for films, I would have to go with classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Wall Street, and West Side Story. Oh! And I can't forget Home & Alone 2: Lost in New York, which I watch every year at Christmas.”






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