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700th Film is Posted Online

3 June 2012

After weeks of anticipation as to which film would become the 700th to be posted in the location section of OTSONY, the wait is finally over.

Launched in 2009, OTSONY has become the most popular film location website on the Internet. Purely dedicated to locations within New York, the website has gone from strength to strength and now receives over a thousand unique visitors a day. April 2012 saw 20,246 unique worldwide visitors glance through the pages and last month the figure rose to just over 21,000. The top 10 countries were France, China, Germany, Spain, Japan, Canada, Italy, England and the United States with the most popular films being Sex and the City, Serendipity, When Harry Met Sally, Ghostbusters, Hitch, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, No Reservations, Home Alone 2 and The Seven Year Itch.

In recent weeks there have been many films added to the Coming Soon section, and for a time now it looked like Man on a Ledge would become the 700th film to be added, due to the date of the DVD release. However, it was thought that a classic film would be regarded as preferred choice by New York film location enthusiasts, and this is why the 1976 classic, The Gumball Rally has been awarded the coveted prize.

The Gumball Rally was the first, and some say best, of the cross-country car race cycle that spawned the likes of The Cannonball Run. As the customised cars drive from New York to Long Beach, Florida, there are the usual squealing tyres, clouds of dust and metal-crunching crashes. Pitched at cartoon level, with a bizarre collection of speed enthusiasts crudely taking care of the comedy, it relies almost exclusively on the exceptional stunt work, the plot only occasionally dropping into first gear for some boring and irrelevant dramatic stuff. The opening scenes of the race were filmed in downtown New York City early on a Sunday morning and included Broadway, Park Avenue and 5th Avenue.


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