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3 December 2016

With the recent DVD release of the rebooted all-female Ghostbusters, next week otsoNY will reluctantly reveal the limited number of actual New York locations used in the movie.

Released earlier in the year to mixed reviews, the rebooted franchise received bad press before the script was even finished after rumours were confirmed that it would be an all-female cast, which for many Ghostbusters fans was acceptable until the actresses names were official revealed and it was obvious to see that the movie would be more comedy than a dark-Batman-style of reboot.

The next disappointment in store for the fans was the fact that the filmmakers had opted to shoot the majority of the movie in Boston, rather than in New York, and though Bill Murray had finally signed up to the doomed project, only to be casted as a cameo character.

Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes stated that the reboot of Ghostbusters felt like a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch stretched well beyond its natural running time to feature length, and its initial appeal wearing off very quickly. Another critic stated that Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot contained some humour that worked and that it had a good deal of charm and nostalgic value, but it still ended up being a mostly-forgettable outing thanks to a lot of jokes that missed and an unremarkable story.

Will there be a sequel? Not likely.... but look out for the film locations next week!


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