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5 June 2019

As the summer looms, it has often been a time when otsoNY takes a brief break from posting new films and revisits some of the existing ones. This year, the revisits start with the conspiracy thriller, Awake starring Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Terrence Howard and Lena Olin. It was one of the very first films to have been posted on otsoNY almost 10 years ago.

Film: Awake

The film centres on young billionaire Clay Beresford, Jr. who has fallen in love with Samantha Lockwood, his mother's personal assistant. Clay requires a heart transplant. Dr. Jack Harper is Clay's heart surgeon and friend. Clay asks Dr. Harper to arrange his elopement with Sam. They marry privately at midnight, then Clay goes to the hospital for the operation. While Clay's mother, Lilith awaits completion of his surgery, Clay encounters anaesthesia awareness. The surgical pain causes Clay to have a clairvoyant experience exposing Dr. Harper's plot to murder Clay, also revealing that Sam worked at the hospital under Dr. Harper and has conspired with him against Clay. Sam's plan was to poison the donor heart by injecting Adriamycin to cause its rejection, thus murdering Clay to collect insurance money to pay off Dr. Harper's malpractice lawsuits.

Film: Awake

As the scheme unravels and Lilith, realizing what has happened, sacrifices her own life so that Clay, who is close to death, can live. She commits suicide so her heart can be switched for the poisoned one, and save Clay. While Sam tries to get away with what she did, Dr. Harper feels guilty and he holds onto proof so she can be arrested too. Another surgical team takes over the operation, as Clay barely clings to life and the conspirators are arrested. The new team takes Lilith's heart and transplants it into Clay's body, as Clay and Lilith have their final moments together in spirit out of body experience.

Film: Awake

The new head surgeon announces that Clay has come back to life, as the new team stitch Clay's wound. Clay, in spirit, is still in the afterlife with Lilith, tries to commit suicide to stay with his mother. Clay makes his new heart stop beating and the surgeons have to use the defibrillator in attempt to revive Clay. As Clay resists being revived, Lilith forces Clay in the afterlife-world to revisit a scene from his childhood, when Lilith accidentally killed Clay's abusive father. This scene reveals the truth for Clay and connects his childhood flashbacks. After seeing this scene, Clay gives away to revival, and before the surgeons could shock his body again, Clay allows his new heart to begin beating. Clay opens his eyes when the surgeons remove the eye tapes while Harper ends his narrating with "He is awake".

Film: Awake

Portions of Awake were filmed on Fordham University's Lincoln Center campus with Lowenstein Hall converted to look like a hospital. In addition, many scenes, including Dr. Jack Harper's office, the cafeteria where Lilith commits suicide, and the elevator bank, were filmed in Bellevue Hospital.

Film: Awake

New high quality screen grabs from the film along with additional locations will be posted this month. Other films to be revisited include "End of Days", "Arthur", "Coming To America", "Cocktail", "City Slickers 2", "Catch Me If You Can", and "Wall Street".


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