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7 December 2018

It's the Festive Season once again and time to sit back, relax and watch all of your favourite Christmas movies such as the delightful Home Alone 2: Lost in New York starring the youthful Macaulay Culkin, Billy Murray's alternative version to Scrooge, and of course not forgetting Will Ferrell as a far too tall Elf.

But have you ever noticed any of the mistakes in these films? These days, the big Hollywood blockbusters are littered with factual and continuity errors, which often occurr at the stage of edit, so this year, otsoNY takes a look through the mistakes being made in some of the New York-based Christmas movies.

Film: Home Alone 2

Up first is Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. When Kevin and the bird watcher go to the musical theatre in which she lives, a different song was dubbed over the ones the violinists played when the camera shot the orchestra. You can tell by the bow movements and bow direction changes. Immediately following this scene, Kevin walks toward the railing and a boom mic is visible as a reflection in the window to the left of the screen. At the Plaza Hotel, Kevin asks Donald Trump where the lobby is. Trump says down the hall and to the left, but Kevin turns right, and arrives at the lobby. Amusingly, for anyone who has stayed at the Plaza, they will know that the hotel doesn't have a swimming pool, though somehow Kevin goes swimming at the hotel pool.

Film: Elf

Next is Elf starring Will Ferrell and James Caan. There is a scene that takes place in Central Park, and while trying to fix Santa's sleigh, we see Buddy through the trap door. But in the long shot, as the sleigh rises off the ground a few feet, Buddy has disappeared. This happens several times in the scene, and continuity errors are evident throughout this film. For example, when Buddy is at the apartment having dinner with the family, the coke bottle is near Michael's right hand. When Buddy goes to drink the coke it is right next to him. He never asks for the coke to be passed, and when Walter and Buddy are in the "tickle fight" on the bed, there is a red piece of yarn or fluff that moves around Walter's shirt from shot to shot. After the boardroom meeting when Miles knocked Buddy over onto the floor and the picture fell off the wall, in the next scene the picture is back up on the wall. Also, Buddy is sitting down in an opposite position from the last scene when he got knocked down on the ground.

Film: Collateral Beauty

In the tearful Collateral Beauty, there is a scene where Howard and Madeleine are taking on the sidewalk in Manhattan, whilst traffic is moving swiftly, but when the shot switches direction the traffic has completely stopped. Though that's probably one of the less noticeable things in the film, as the audience is still slightly confused about the concept of Love, Time and Death. There are two explanations for why Love, Time, and Death were not seen in the videos. One is that they were removed with editing software. That would be true if they were only actors. Otherwise, they could actually be Love, Time and Death pretending to be actors, because they were also helping Howard's friends with their issues. The PI was hired to follow Howard, so would film any action on his part. She may not have seen Time, Love or Death because they can appear to whomever they wish and remain invisible to everyone else. They only interact with the main characters.

Film: The Family Man

And finally, The Family Man starring Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni, who's hairstyle is different between shots when she knows Jack, the character of Nicolas Cage did not prepare anniversary gift for her. Also, during the Christmas party, when Jack learns of Kate's profession, Kate eats an olive on the toothpick, however in the next shot of her the olive has reappeared, and in the shot after it is again gone. As geography errors go, Jack states that his office is on Wall Street, but in fact it is at 375 Park Avenue. He also mentions on December 24th that there is a full day of market trading, but the stock and bond markets always close early, with stocks on a half day and bonds one hour later. At the very end of the movie, when Jack is supposed to be going to JFK airport to stop Kate from leaving, the scenes from the airport are actually at LaGuardia Airport.

Though these errors exist, it should never be a reason to stop enjoying the films. Click HERE for the full list of New York-based Christmas Movies.


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