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13 April 2013

OtsoNY recently caught up with the lady behind the popular ‘Tracy’s New York Life’ blog.

“I started the blog because when I moved to NYC in 2007,” explained Tracy. “I had written a bunch of stories about my city experiences via emails to friends and family, and so the natural progression was to start a blog. I now have a group of freelancers who write on the blog regularly and I write as well as manage all of the content and editorial direction.”

Tracy continues, “I love New York City. I believe it is the most fantastic city in the world and I am lucky to live here. I fell in love with the city at the age of 12 and I still love it decades later. It’s a unique and special place and there’s no other corner of the world that resembles it. From the energy to the people, to the opportunity, to the arts and culture, to the convenience, to the fact that anything can happen here, I am inspired each and every day I walk out my door.”

Asked about New York based films, Tracy told us, “The Woody Allen films ‘Manhattan’ and ‘Annie Hall’ are two of my favourites, because I love the way Mr. Allen features NYC as a character in films. The opening scene of Manhattan leaves me speechless each time I see it, especially because I’m a huge Gershwin fan. Combining the New York skyline and streets with Rhapsody in Blue, well, it just doesn’t get any better than that on the big screen.” Tracy adds, “I’m also a fan of other vintage movies like ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Serpico’ because I like looking at New York during those gritty years. I began visiting NYC in 1979, so I discovered the city during that era.”

Asked about modern-day New York films, Tracy explained, “I feel ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is one of the best, with terrific scenes of Downtown and Midtown, and I especially like the scenes of the city waking up. ‘P.S. I Love You’ also features some beautiful shots of Manhattan. If only we all had an apartment like that one! ‘Elf’ is a good holiday flick, although we all know that Gimbel’s isn’t really here!”

(Tracy Kaler)

“Ed Burns does a great job as a modern filmmaker and I adore all of his films. He loves to use NYC as a backdrop and does the city proud each time. I always look forward to his next endeavour. I also can’t help but love the classic ‘When Harry Met Sally’ because showing New York in all four seasons is like dessert to me. I can never get enough. ‘You’ve Got Mail’ is sentimental because it was filmed very close to where I live and I frequent the 91st Street Garden in Riverside Park, which is where the closing scene is set.”

(Tracy Kaler)

Tracy’s New York blog is updated daily with new content. “I love writing about people as well as personal experiences,” explained Tracy. “Especially those New Yorkisms that people who live here understand and people who don’t live here find amusing. I really enjoy writing about almost anything that is New York-centric.”






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