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The Most Famous Steps in The Bronx

15 November 2019

Following the cinema release of Joker, an ordinary flight of steps in the heart of The Bronx has become a point of interest for many film location fans, which in turn has caused some residents of the area to complain. The steps which join Shakespeare and Anderson Avenues and run along West 167th Street were used for a scene when Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, wearing his iconic face make-up and purple suit pauses to dance in time to a Gary Glitter song before agents chase him. The scene was also used for one of the film’s promotional posters.

Scene from Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix

Steps in The Bronx

Steps in The Bronx

Film fans have been flocking to the location to take selfies, which has resulted in some residents complaining to their local authorities. New York City has always been a tourist attraction, though less thought of boroughs like The Bronx and Queens were avoided. Now however, fans of the movie have been venturing further afield and in particular the tall flight of steps on West 167th Street.


Various online forums have featured heated conversations from film fans to local residents. OtsoNY’s creator Mark Rogers has his own thoughts about the situation. “These steps will forever be referred to as the ‘Joker Steps’, though I suspect that the attention is likely to fade in the coming months,” says Mark matter-of-factly. “Where they are situated is a long way out from Manhattan, and for most out-of-town tourists it is a ‘step’ too far... parade the pun!”


The full list of film locations from Joker will be posted on otsoNY following the realease of the DVD next year.


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