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19 March 2014

The gritty US television show, Banshee has just completed its 2nd season and all the reviews are good. The pilot episode from season one featured a car chase through the streets and avenues of New York City. Locations included 5th Avenue and East 20th Street.

Banshee is an American action drama television series created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler. Set in the eponymous small town of Banshee in Pennsylvania Amish country, the series' main character is an enigmatic ex-con played by Antony Starr, who assumes the identity of Lucas Hood, the town's murdered sheriff, to hide from powerful crime lord Rabbit played by Ben Cross. Imposing his own brand of justice, Banshee follows Hood as he attempts to reconcile with his former lover, Rabbit's daughter, Anastasia played by Bond Girl Ivana Miličević, who has herself adopted an assumed identity, married, and raised a family during Hood's incarceration. Hood struggles to maintain his new identity while still embracing crime alongside his partners Job and Sugar, and coming into conflict with local kingpin Kai Proctor.

Antony Starr

Season one of Banshee drew very high ratings in the USA for an original series, averaging 433,000 viewers per episode and 727,000 in the 7 days after each episode was released. The season finale drew 455,000 viewers during its initial screening and 655,000 during its repeat, the largest audience ever, at the time, for an original series finale, and the third-highest ratings achieved by Banshee at that point. The second season exceeded the first's successes. The season's fifth episode, "The Truth about Unicorns", set a series record with 591,000 viewers during its original airing. The season finale also set a new record, with 733,000 viewers, and a total of 968,000 for the evening including repeat showings.

Ivana Miličević

The Banshee cast includes Antony Starr plays Lucas Hood, an ex-con and master thief released from prison after 15 years. Ivana Miličević plays Anastasia / Carrie Hopewell. She is Hood's former criminal accomplice and lover. She lives in Banshee under an alias as a real estate agent with her husband Gordon and children Deva and Max, who are unaware of her past. She is also in hiding from Rabbit, her father.

Ulrich Thomsen plays Kai Proctor, a crime kingpin and businessman in Banshee. Proctor was originally a member of Banshee's Amish community, but abandoned the faith for crime. Frankie Faison plays Sugar Bates, a retired former boxer and ex-con, turned bar owner. He befriends Hood and is aware that he is a criminal. Hoon Lee plays Job, a transvestite computer hacker and Hood's criminal accomplice. Also in hiding from Rabbit, he is forced to move to Banshee after his identity is uncovered.

Lili Simmons

Rus Blackwell plays Gordon Hopewell. He is Banshee's district attorney and Carrie's husband. He is a Gulf War hero and retired Marine. Matt Servitto plays Brock Lotus, a Banshee deputy, and the longest-serving member of the force. Brock was intended to become the new Sheriff before the real Hood's appointment and is resentful of being passed over. Demetrius Grosse plays Emmett Yawners, an African-American Banshee deputy. After his unborn child is killed during an attack on his caucasian wife for having an interracial relationship, Yawners brutally beats the Neo-Nazis responsible. He resigns from the force thereafter, but he and his wife are killed in a revenge attack by the Neo-Nazis in the Season 2 finale.

Trieste Kelly Dunn

Trieste Kelly Dunn plays Siobhan Kelly, a female Banshee deputy. Ryann Shane plays Deva Hopewell, a rebellious teenager. Deva is Carrie and Lucas's daughter, but was raised with Gordon as her father. Daniel Ross Owens plays Dan Kendall. He is Banshee's mayor, an idealist and a young politician opposed to Proctor's criminal activities. Lili Simmons plays Rebecca Bowman, a young Amish girl who lives a devout life with her father Elijah by day, but is a rebellious, sexually adventurous party girl by night. She is Proctor's niece, and the only member of the Amish community he has contact with. Ben Cross plays Rabbit, a ruthless Ukrainian gangster seeking revenge on Hood for stealing from him, and turning his daughter Anastasia against him. Anthony Ruivivar plays Alex Longshadow. He is the Indian tribal chief and Proctor's rival. Ruivivar was a recurring character in season 1 and added to the starring cast in season 2.

Megan-Fox-lookalike Odette Annable joined the cast as Nola Longshadow. Odette Annable formerly Yustman previously appeared in the New York sci-fi thriller, Cloverfield.

Odette Annable


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