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19 September 2012

OTSONY will shortly release the film locations used in the 1972 action drama, Across 110th Street.

For the past 3 months, the house at the centre of the opening scene has eluded us. That is… until now.

The film opens with a car driving down the FDR. It pauses near to street sign showing Lenox 110th Street. In the scenes that follow, the car makes its way through the streets of Harlem and at one point passes the famous Apollo Theatre on West 125th Street, which has featured in such films as Boomerang, Down to Earth and The Pawnbroker. The car turns right into 8th Avenue and heads north, after which it becomes almost impossible to recognise the area until the car is seen on Saint Nicholas Avenue and turns right into West 160th Street and shortly afterwards parks adjacent to Jumel Terrace. The street and the array of houses still structurally look the same as they did in 1972.

The trade of drug money which occurs between two Italians from the South of 110th street and three blacks from Harlem to the North of 110th Street is actually taking place at number 420 West 160th Street. Suddenly, two men played by Paul Benjamin and Ed Bernard dressed as uniformed police officers knock on the door. When they enter one of the two men holds the drug dealers hostage with a machine gun. When one of the hostages reaches for his pistol, the man shoots everyone in the room. When the two killers rush out with the drug money, they jump in an alternative car parked on the opposite side of the street. When the getaway driver nervously hits a few of the cars around them, it attracts the attention of a cop, who is shot to death by the man with the machine gun before he realises what's going on. Another cop comes upon the situation and pulls his gun, but is fatally hit by the getaway car. All of this action takes place in Washington Heights, which is nowhere near Harlem.

West 160th Street and Jumel Terrace as they look today.


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