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20 November 2019

Having recently celebrated 10 years online, otsoNY’s creator Mark Rogers has decided to make some changes to the website. “What I’m currently working on at the moment are the film locations maps,” explains Mark. “These are extremely popular, and I think they are well overdue to be updated, but I’m also conscious that there are several areas of the website that lack traffic, and as such I’m now considering removing them. These include the ‘On Screen Homes’, ‘Top 20 Actors’, ‘Movie Map Challenge’, and the ‘About Us’ section. As of next year, there will be less advertising on the website along with the possibility of the Disqus section being completely removed.”

Changes to advertising on the website have already started. “Today, I cut back on the adverts for On Location Tours,” says Mark. “We’ve been promoting the service for free since May, and found that it hasn’t generated any income for our hosting purposes. It is a shame, but an essential part of streamlining the website for next year. I think for a long time, I wanted the website to have as much as possible, but knowing that certain items aren’t being viewed and with limited time, I think it makes sense to reduce the content.”

December will see the usual colour change of the website to the festive red and a focus on New York-based Christmas film. “In regards to web traffic, December tends to be the busiest month,” explains Mark. “And it is always good to switch the colour. Next year, there will be far less updates to, as I’m involved with other projects, but I think with the forthcoming changes, the website will be the better for it.”


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