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Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

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Dr. William 'Bill' Harford (Tom Cruise) becomes obsessed with having a sexual encounter after his wife Alice Harford (Nicole Kidman) admits to having sexual fantasies about a man she met and chastising him for dishonesty in not admitting to his own fantasies. This sets him off into unfulfilled encounters with a dead patient's daughter and a hooker. But when he visits a nightclub, where a pianist friend Nick Nightingale is playing, he learns about a secret sexual group and decides to attend one of their congregations. However, he quickly learns he is in well over his head and finds he and his family are threatened.

otsoNY Comments: The Harfords’ New York City apartment resembled the one Kubrick and his wife, Christiane, lived in during the 1960s. Tom Cruise stated: “The apartment in the movie was the New York apartment he and his wife Christiane lived in. He recreated it. The furniture in the house was furniture from their own home.

otsoNY Comments: The film is notoriously known for its secrecy during production and the secrecy even divided the two main stars, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. To exaggerate the distrust between their fictional husband and wife, director Stanley Kubrick would direct each actor separately and forbid them to share notes. In one painful example, for just one minute of final footage where Alice makes love to a handsome naval officer-an imaginary affair that haunts Bill over the course of the film-Kubrick demanded that Kidman shoot six days of naked sex scenes with a male model. Not only did he ask the pair to pose in over fifty erotic positions, he banned Cruise from the set and forbade Kidman to assuage her husband's tension by telling him what happened during the shoot.

Harford's Apartment, 146 Central Park West (btw 74th & 75th Streets) Manhattan.


otsoNY Comments: In this scene, Cruise is asked for a password. He says "fidelio", which is from the Latin root "fidelis" meaning "faithful" and is the title of Ludwig van Beethoven's only opera. In the opera, Fidelio is a woman who disguises herself as a man to save her lover.

otsoNY Comments: Mentmore Towers, historically known simply as "Mentmore", is a 19th-century English country house built between 1852 and 1854 for the Rothschild family in the village of Mentmore in Buckinghamshire. Sir Joseph Paxton and his son-in-law, George Henry Stokes, designed the building in the 19th-century revival of late 16th and early 17th-century Elizabethan and Jacobean styles called Jacobethan. The house was designed for the banker and collector of fine art Baron Mayer de Rothschild as a country home, and as a display case for his collection of fine art. The mansion has been described as one of the greatest houses of the Victorian era. Mentmore was inherited by Hannah Primrose, Countess of Rosebery, née Rothschild, and owned by her descendants, the Earls of Rosebery.

Mentmore Towers, Mentmore, Buckinghamshire, England.


otsoNY Comments: Although this film is set in New York City, there are only a few fleeting glimpses of the actual city, courtesy of the Second Unit. The Long Island mansions were found in the Home Counties, the Greenwich Village streets were constructed at Pinewood Studio. The exterior of the mansion of Victor Ziegler is the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland on East 37th Street at Madison Avenue in the real New York, although the actual party interior where Dr Bill Harford played by Tom Cruise attends to a guest after she overdoses was filmed at Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire, England.

Worship Street and Paul Street, London, England.


Hatton Garden and Greville Street, London, England.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Road, London, England.


Hamleys, 188 - 196 Regent Street, London, England.


otsoNY Comments: In a few shots of Tom Cruise walking through the city, background plates of actual New York City streets were projected behind the actor walking on a treadmill.

otsoNY Comments: Many of the Greenwich Village street scenes were shot on sets at Pinewood and London streets were dressed to look like those from New York. After leaving the apartment of hooker Domino, Tom Cruise's character is stalked by a sinister man as he walks along Hatton Gardens, where New York-style payphones were installed btw numbers 32 and 38. The stalker is on Worship Street, EC2, just off City Road near Old Street in the City. Berner Street and Eastcastle Street were also stand-ins for Greenwich Village. The interior of Club Sonata, the New York jazz club is Madame JoJo's, Brewer Street, in SoHo, and the Royal Suite of the Lanesborough Hotel, 1 Lanesborough Place, SW1 was the site of the edge pool-game meeting btw Bill and Ziegler, and the final Christmas shopping reconciliation scene was filmed on the ground floor of the famous toyshop Hamley's in London's Regent Street.


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