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King Kong (1976)

Last Updated: April 2011

The owner of the oil company Petrox Corporation, Fred Wilson, invests all his possessions searching oil in an unexplored island. The vessel leaves Surubaya, in Indonesia, with the stowaway Jack Prescott, who wants to protect an ape called Kong. While traveling, they find the castaway Dwan in the middle of nowhere in a rescue boat in the ocean and bring her on board. The group finds that the island is inhabited and the local natives worship a huge gorilla called Kong. They abduct Dwan to offer her in a sacrifice to Kong. The crew hikes into the jungle trying to rescue Dwan. King Kong falls in love with Dwan and protects her against a huge serpent. When Fred finds that the oil in the island is not ready for exploitation, he decides to capture Kong and bring him to New York for exhibition. In the middle of a show, King Kong escapes, bringing panic to the locals.

1 Hanover Square and Pearl Street, Manhattan.


otsoNY Comments: Universal had originally planned to make a more faithful remake of the original film to be entitled "The Legend of King Kong", which was going to be a period piece set in the 1930s. However, they backed out when this modern remake was announced. The 40-foot Kong was constructed with a 3.5-ton aluminum frame, covered with rubber and 1,012 pounds of Argentinian horse tails, sewn into place individually. Its insides were comprised of 3,100 feet of hydraulic hose and 4,500 feet of electrical wiring. It was controlled by 20 operators and cost a total of $1.7 million.

World Trade Center, Financial, Manhattan.



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