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The Caller (2008)

Last Updated: Jan 2011

France 1944: during an aerial bombardment, two boys are separated from their parents; the older one helps the younger. Jump ahead to contemporary Manhattan where chief financial officer Jimmy Stevens (Frank Langella) punishes his company's murderous practices in Third World countries by setting up its stock release to fail. He knows they'll kill him in retaliation; he asks for two weeks. By telephone, using a voice disguising device, he hires a private detective, Frank Turlotte (Elliott Gould), to watch ... Jimmy. What's going on? Jimmy goes to the park where he reads a book and talks to children; he visits his aged mother. Frank observes it all. The two-week deadline approaches. What's Jimmy's game?

5th Avenue (btw East 67th and 68th Streets) Manhattan.


Jimmy's Apartment, 515 West 52nd Street and 10th Avenue, Manhattan.


The Falconer Statue, Central Park (West 72nd Street) Manhattan.


Les Halles, 411 Park Avenue (btw East 28th & 29th Streets) Manhattan.


Eileen's Apartment, 404 Riverside Drive and West 113th Street, Manhattan.


Gotham Hall, 1356 Broadway and West 36th Street, Manhattan.


Times Square (Broadway, 7th Avenue, West 42nd and 47th Streets) Manhattan.


Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive and West 120th Street, Manhattan.


Riverside Drive (btw West 121st Street & 22nd Street) Manhattan.



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