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The Seven-Ups (1973)

Last Updated: July 2012

Buddy Manucci (Roy Scheider) is an NYPD investigator who runs a task force that targets criminals whose offenses will result in minimum sentences of seven years if convicted. Manucci's best informant, Vito Lucia, has double-crossed him by using his secret list of loan sharks to kidnap these men and hold them for ransom. When this plan results in the death of one of Manucci's men, he and his task force go to war with the city's criminal population, bending the law along the way to track down Lucia.

East 54th Street and Madison Avenue, Manhattan.


532 Madison Avenue and East 54th Street, Manhattan.


Antique Shop, East 54th Street and Madison Avenue, Manhattan.


Commodore Hotel, East 42nd Street (btw Lexington & Park Avenue) Manhattan.

Commodore Hotel

The Commodore Hotel was built in the early 1920s as part of the 'Terminal City' project centered around Grand Central Terminal. By the 1970s New York City's economy had cratered with nothing being built and the city on the verge of bankruptcy. At the same time the defunct Penn Central was trying to shed its real estate holdings including its remaining 'Terminal City' hotel properties. Donald Trump, who saw potential in the soon to close Commodore hotel located right next door to the Grand Central Terminal. He decided that what was needed was a total makeover. With a 20 year tax abatement from the city assuring financial viability and an agreement by the Hyatt chain to manage the new hotel, he had his architect design a 'slipcover' of reflective glass to install over the original masonry facade.

In what was then a city of tired architecture, his glitterglass remod was a hit and within a couple years was making double the per room rate the old Commodore was making and running at near full occupancy and incidentally kicking off the start of the great NYC real estate boom of the 80s. As a sidenote, one of the provisions of Hyatt's management contract is the fact that they have to get permission from 'The Donald' to open even so much as an airport motel in the NY metro area. He had that put in to protect his investment in what was his first major project and it's one of those things he made sure to highlight in his will.


Lucia Brothers Funeral Home, 569 East 184th Street and Hoffman Street, Bronx.


2326 Hoffman Street and East 184th Street, Bronx.


George Washington Bridge, Manhattan.



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