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Coyote Ugly (2000)

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When young Violet Sanford (Piper Perabo) finally follows her dream and moves to New York to become a songwriter, she knows little about the big city. All her efforts to get a demo tape to a producer are useless, additionally her apartment is broken in to, leaving her with nothing. But a coincidence leads her to Coyote Ugly, a night club where only beautiful women call the shots, using their female attraction to drive the guests just crazy. Violet manages to get a position and starts learning the ways of the city. After getting in trouble because of a misunderstanding, Violet's new friend Kevin tries to rid her of her stage fear so that she can perform her songs herself. Violet's father Bill does not like her new job as well as her leaving him, but it's all part of growing up.

otsoNY Comments: This apartment building on Mott Street in New York's Chinatown was only used for exterior shots. Voilet's apartment, though it looks in the style of this building was actually shot on a soundstage, including the stairwell and scenes shot through the window where birds are seen on the window sill, kept there by the source of food.

Violet Sanford's Apartment, 165 Mott Street and Broome Street, Manhattan.


Orchard Street (btw Canal Street and Division Street) Manhattan.


Division Street (btw Orchard Street and Ludlow Street) Manhattan.


Arlene Grocery, 95 Stanton Street and Orchard Street, Manhattan.


otsoNY Comments: This building on West 13th Street between 10th Avenue and Washington Street has since been demolished, and replaced by a hotel.

otsoNY Comments: Due to a pending hurricane, the filmmakers shot this basement scene earlier than scheduled, and though it looks dry inside, the place was completely flooded and the entrance above the stairs was covered to stop the rain from coming in during the scene.

Coyote Ugly Bar, West 13th Street (btw Washington Street & 10th Avenue) Manhattan.

Photo taken in May 2023

Photo taken in May 2023

Photo taken in May 2023

Photo taken in May 2011

Photo taken in May 2009

Photo taken in 1990


West 13th Street (btw Washington Street and 10th Avenue) Manhattan.

Photo taken in May 2009

Photo taken in June 2015

Photo taken in June 2023

Photo taken in June 2023


Bereket Restaurant, 187 East Houston Street and Orchard Street, Manhattan.


otsoNY Comments: Though some of this scene was shot near to the Manhattan Bridge, the close-ups on the hood of the car were actually shot on a soundstage in LA just a few weeks before the movie was due to open as the filmmakers wanted more dialogue between the two characters.

Pier 35 East River Waterfront (Near Manhattan Bridge and South Street) Manhattan.


Fulton Fish Market, Fulton Street, Manhattan.


otsoNY Comments: the Unrated extended cut which was released on DVD had six additional minutes that were originally deemed "unsuitable" for the American market and threatened the desired PG-13 rating. Added back was additional and extended footage in virtually every dance scene, a shopping scene with Cammie and Violet, a sex scene with Violet and Kevin, and the baseball scene that took place in New York's Central Park and showed Izabella Miko's character Cammie stripping off.

Baseball Field, Central Park, Manhattan.


otsoNY Comments: The NJ Turnpike tollbooth scenes were actually shot at the Atlantic Beach Bridge tollbooths on Long Island, New York.

Atlantic Beach Bridge, Lawrence, New York.


Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey Street and Chrystie Street, Manhattan.


otsoNY Comments: The majority of the exterior shots in this film were done in New York City, whilst the interior shots wer done on a soundstage in LA, which included the cafe scene where Voilet hears about the bar. Other LA locations included the bar where The Calling were singing, and the scene which followed where Voilet waits for in an alleyway for Kevin. This scene was shot outside the East Broadway Theatre, real name Los Angeles Theatre which was on West 6th Street between S Broadway and S Hill Street in LA.

otsoNY Comments: This diner called Danbala Cafe was in LA, though the cafe is made to look like it might be located in New York's Chinatown close to Voilet's apartment. The scene was shot late at night and featured the song "The Power" by artists Snap.

otsoNY Comments: The fictional Coyote Ugly bar and its exterior was shot in the Meatpacking District of New York City on West 13th Street between 10th Avenue and Washington Street. This area was since been demolished and modernised to host designer clothes shops, high-end restaurants and bars, and for this particular part, a hotel has replaced 452.

otsoNY Comments: All interior shots were filmed on a soundstage in LA. The entire bar was created by set designers and made to resemble the Hogs & Heifers Bar that used to be at 859 Washington Street.

otsoNY Comments: Bridget Moynahan was taller than the set designers thought. The bar above the counter was raised so she wouldn't hurt herself during dance scenes.

otsoNY Comments: Although Cammie played by Izabella Miko admits to Voilet that she is referred to as the Russian-Tease, she is in fact Polish, and at the age of 15 moved to New York City on her own, barely speaking English, after accepting scholarship to School of American Ballet.

otsoNY Comments: Songs played in the bar scenes included INXS' "Need You Tonight", Pigeonhed's "Battle Flag (Lo-Fidelity Allstars Remix)", Blondie's "One Way or Another", and Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me".

otsoNY Comments: LeAnn Rimes, who at the time of filming was below the legal age to be in a bar, did all of the singing for Piper Perabo. The soundtrack album of this movie was on the Billboard Top 40 album chart for over a year. It has sold over three million copies.

otsoNY Comments: The real Coyote Ugly Saloon opened January 27, 1993 in New York City, after New York University alumna Liliana Lovell eschewed an internship on Wall Street for a career as a bartender. Lovell held several bartending jobs during college and perfected a routine of dancing on the bar, singing, and challenging customers to drinking contests. Applying a business model learned from her former boss, Tom McNeill, she began hiring young women and training them in the wild routine, which included such antics as chugging alcohol, setting light to it, then breathing fire. While some girls were good at singing, others good at dancing, and others good at yelling, Lovell found that not all the girls were talented in each of the three aspects, so she often paired girls with complementary abilities.

Coyote Ugly Saloon at 153 1st Avenue between East 9th and 10th Street in New York City.

otsoNY Comments: In 2001, the second Coyote Ugly Saloon opened in Las Vegas at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino, as a franchise operation. In 2002, a new company-owned bar opened in New Orleans, Louisiana's French Quarter. In 2003, Lovell relocated from New York City to New Orleans, and is today primarily involved in the day-to-day corporate operations of the company from there. From 2001-2003, 19 bars were in operation across the United States. Several did not last more than a year or two, and five closed in a two-year span. In June 2009 the first new Coyote Ugly in three years opened in Oklahoma City. This brings the number to a dozen in the chain today. The location farthest west is the Las Vegas franchise.


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